Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Folks will tell you that lying is wrong and no good will come of it, but I once told a drunk guy that wanted to punch my face off that I was an off duty cop and he left me alone.

This proves almost scientifically that lying can be an amazing force for good because:

A. I didn't get my face punched off, it's right where it should be; on the front of my head, so I'm still totally handsome and attractive to all the ladies.

B. It highlighted that fact that some members of the angry, violent drunk community still have some respect for members of the law enforcement community.

What's the best lie you've ever told?

The most amusing one wins a prize of my choosing. It will be awesome!

1 comment:

E.S Armstrong said...

Alright cunts, since no one could be bothered to post a lie based anecdote I ate the prize.

It was a solid gold copy of the first Wu Tang Clan album and it was tasty as fuck.