Sunday, 28 June 2009

Brass Eye is Worryingly Prescient Again

If these people really believe that Heaven is an unending blissful paradise where you get to meet God and Jesus and also less important types like all your ancestors that are all dead and shit but still found the time to watch you masturbate because they are in Heaven and have magic powers now. Like you do also because you are dead and in Heaven now also.

Such is my understanding of the Bible.

If they really are obligated to believe all that (such is my understanding of the Bible) then why are they trying to protect their lives? Surely they'd should be looking to get it out of the way so they can become angels with wings and sweet togas and the power to look down all the way from their clouds in outer-space and watch their descendants getting it down with their filthy, meaty genitals.

Outer-space is where Heaven is by the way.

Pastor Ken Pagano doing his impersonation of a Daily Mail reader's worst nightmare:
A sweaty kiddie fiddler that packs heat.

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