Friday, 12 September 2008

A Little Bit of Politics, Italian Style

"in 20 years Ratzinger will be dead and will end up in hell, tormented by queer demons - not passive ones, but very active ones."

- Italian comic Sabina Guzzanti

Covered with far more wit, intelligence and accuracy than I can muster right now (I'm five beers in the hole) by proper journalists

And here:

If prosecuted, she could get five years.

As anyone that knows me will tell you I'm always the optimistic, sunny side of the street kind of guy that will constantly look for the silver lining, so I can't help thinking that if we'd have had laws like this back in the eighties this hateful fraud

He looks a bit like my uncle Barry in this picture - sorry Barry.

might not have written all those shit books for cunts. Or made We Will Rock You.

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