Saturday, 15 November 2008

Don't Despair Kids

There is more Shack Radio (the radio show you can read using your eyes) on its way.

It will feature hilarious jokes and japery covering a wide range of subjects, up to and including:

Why Konnie Huq is a tool of Chinese state oppression and why it would be immoral to shag her right up any of her lovely hole places.

Why living to thirty years of age really isn't that much of an achievement in this modern day and age.

How Dave's over sized genitalia is linked to the childhood bollock abuse he suffered at the feet of various assailants in the school playground.

Dung farming in the middle ages.

Making deliberately unlikable playlists of songs that will never work together and how it ties into that time you deliberately broke a girl from Michigan's heart.

Our long-overdue musings on the Brand/Woss Sachsgate affair. Weeks after everyone is bored by it! Topical!

All this and slightly more coming soon. Laziness and drink problems permitting.

We might even record an episode of it at some point. So keep your eyes and ears open!

Warmest regards,

E. S. Armstrong.

(I was going to post my notes for the Shack Radio scripts rather than this; but even though they are more amusing than this shameless self-promoting post, trusted friends assure me that posting your notes about a thing that doesn't even exist yet is pretentious wankery of the very worst kind).

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