Friday, 7 November 2008

A Short Note That Might Indicate How Much I Care About American Politics Right Now

Well done Barry Hussien-O on being crowned King Of 'merca.

Commiserations, Grampa Ovenchips. Better luck next year.

And Well done to 'merca, for overcoming hundreds of years of prejudice and electing your first Catholic monarch!

You all deserve a patronising pat on the head from the rest of the World!


Heraldblog said...

Our first Catholic monarch? That would have been JFK, 48 years ago.

E.S Armstrong said...

Oh man, is my face red?
I did my research on Conservapedia and they assured me that JFK was your first Satanic monarch. I'll edit their article right away. I wouldn't want other bloggers that use this invaluble research facility to look like they were deliberately skewing their interpretation of 'mercan history and politics for comedic effect.